Webinar Teaser: How to Choose Cooking & Ventilation

The biggest misconceptions in your kitchen all center around cooking.

It's not just placement of range vs wall oven and its impact on your kitchen layout, but the product features as well.

For example, you have been lead to believe that dual fuel is the best range and fuel type. In many cases, you won’t be happy with a dual fuel range. So we will do a deep dive to pick the right cooking products for you.

Venting properly is one of the most important factors for clean air in your home. Yet it's almost always overlooked in favor of aesthetics. It's not your fault. Some of the most ineffective appliances on the market are vents.

In this webinar, you'll learn the best way to plan and choose the right cooking products for your particular cooking style as well as best practices for venting. As usual, you will be able to ask questions to a panel from design, build and construction.

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