Yale Appliance University - Undercounter Ice Makers

What's the best undercounter ice maker? What's the difference between clear and regular ice? We discuss the best brands, the differences between ice makers. Brands include True, Sub-Zero, Marvel, Scotsman, and U-Line. Visit Yale Appliance + Lighting in Boston and Framingham MA to learn more.

Scott Shipman
over 3 years agoJuly 22, 2019
Spent a lot of time researching Ice makers but can't seem to find answers to a couple key questions.

I believe I've narrowed it down between True and Marvel but wondering if you can help.

Usage: the ice maker will be located on a kitchen island, near our main dining area. The house is a vacation home. Typical usage is long weekends and also a couple longer 3x stays a year for a couple weeks. Primary use in the summer upon arriving will be to turn on the machine and make 40-50 lbs of ice for our boat - loading it the next day. We also typically have a couple families with us, so good ice for drinks is nice as well. When we are not there, we plan on turning off the device.

1. Quiet - which device is quieter. While not close to bedrooms, it is close to the dining area. We don't want a device that is loud.

2. Need panel ready.

3. Would prefer machine we can turn off when we are gone. (vacation home)

4. Want clear ice for high end cocktails.

5. price agnostic.
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