Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Grill

Some of the mistakes people make when buying a new grill can be fuel type, grill size, delivery/placement limitations and not being prepared with the proper accessories. Liquid propane is by far the most popular fuel type but you can also use natural gas plumbed in from your house which is great because you'll never have to run out of fuel. The size of the grill is important because you want to have enough room for when you're hosting a party so people aren't waiting in line for a burger, which means that you'll have more time to socialize too. Some cities have bylaws regarding the use of propane or open flames on properties so make sure your ability to have a grill on a rooftop or balcony. Make sure you have all the accessories you'll need to get going with your new grill. There is some gear you'll need to get started grilling fish, smoking and using a rotisserie. You'll want a grill that you can grow your bbq skills with. Be wary of cheap grills. If you pay a low price for a grill you'll usually get what you pay for. Most "cheap" grills only last a couple years and have inconsistent heat distribution, making you less likely to enjoy your outdoor cooking experience.

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