Professional Counter-Depth Refrigerators FAQ

over 5 years agoMay 19, 2017
This video was extremely helpful!  Thank you!  I have had a Sub-Zero which is now 26 years old.  I have been shopping for my next refrigerator in anticipation of the current one finally giving out and will probably go with Sub-Zero again because it has been problem-free for 26 years!!!
over 5 years agoJuly 6, 2017
This video was awesome, we are in the process of building a new home, and I have had a Kitchen Aid built in refrigerator for 24 years with no problems, but looking at all the new technologies, I wanted to get another refrigerator with a longer life, but larger. And I am convinced that the Sub Zero intergraded system will fit into our design.
over 5 years agoJuly 29, 2017
Great video. I wish you were in Pennsylvania!! I would buy from you in a heartbeat!
sandria leifer
about 5 years agoOctober 8, 2017
Do they make a white counter depth refrigerator less than 67 inches tall with an ice maker in the door
Roselle Grubin
about 5 years agoOctober 12, 2017
Video was very easy to understand and was helpful.  I have been looking for a new fridge and salespeople are nice but do not have a lot understanding of different brands etc.  Too bad you are not in NYC.
Patricia Rongo
about 5 years agoOctober 31, 2017
Thank you, loved the video. I have learned so much now to decide on which Refrigerator is the one for me.
Ron Lowe
about 5 years agoNovember 18, 2017
I sure wish you were in anywhere in Ohio, I would travel the distance to do business with your company! You offer the very best website, various products, product reviews and comparisons, information, pros & cons of all the various products. I also have read all your different Buying Guides for the 4 products we intend to buy this month!  You guys are GREAT! Wish other companies were as goo as you!
almost 5 years agoJanuary 7, 2018
almost 5 years agoJanuary 14, 2018
Thank you. Very informative.  I wish you were in South Carolina.
over 4 years agoApril 11, 2018

almost 4 years agoFebruary 11, 2019
Very informative.  Thank you for putting in the time to present this video.  My wife and I are definitely planning to use an integrated refrigerator now.
over 2 years agoMay 13, 2020
You have the best website on the entire internet! I'm watching every video and reading all the buyers' guides. I wish you were in my area (Florida).
over 2 years agoMay 21, 2020

almost 2 years agoFebruary 13, 2021
I wonder how old this video is?  Very interesting general info, though.  Thank you.   But you lost some credibility, imo, stating the price range.  There are no Sub Zero's that sell for no more than $8,500 that I know of.  Was just shopping for a replacement for my 650.  They run $10-$12,000+ locally, now.  (Western PA).  I can't imagine they're cheaper in MA.  If this is an old video, you may want to consider deleting that portion of the video, or updating that segment.  It's very misleading now, imo.
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