Appliances People Avoid

There are tons of appliances on the market, but there are a few in particular people tend to avoid, not because they’re mistakes, but because they’re unnecessary. Many products on this list are flagship, highly marketed products boosted by multimillion dollar advertising campaigns, but people don’t buy them because there are better often cheaper alternatives. In this video, you will learn about products and categories of products people don’t buy and the reasons behind it. You will also learn about different options that may be better.

over 1 year agoAugust 22, 2021
I would not buy Kitchen Aid or Extended Warranty with Amynta had my wall unit for 1-year, the oven broke down then the microwave. Had paid more for an Extended Warranty thinking I would be better off do so with Amynta. Contacted them about the appliance and it has been 5 months I still have the problems they are unable to get parts and have not resolved the problem but 
I do get the runaround daily from around the world heard so many different accents. Amynta don't have a problem with taking my hard working money for Extend Warranty will never go that route since I've learned somethings from you Thank you and God Bless you for your help
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